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Pets Stainless Steel Grooming Brush

Pets Stainless Steel Grooming Brush

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  • Quickly and gently remove loose hair, cushions and tangles, and minimize tears and cuts. Very suitable for styling, trimming, thinning and hair removal, forming soft, smooth and shiny fur in a few minutes.
  • Automatic water replenishing double bowls: with moisture-proof mouth partition, to avoid pets drinking water and wet soiling the mouth hair, can effectively prevent dust and hair, placed at the corners, improve space utilization, ingenious outlet design, control water level To achieve automatic water renewal effect.
  • Interactive dog bite toys: sucker molar toys, safe, non-toxic, bite-resistant, dog bite ball helps to improve pets' intelligence and training ability, and clean teeth and keep gums healthy
  • The length of the braided rope is 47.24 inches, which is the perfect balance between freedom and control. The adjustable dog collar ranges from 14.17 inches to 21.26 inches. The collar cannot be stretched, so it should be adjusted according to the size.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Vita Conn

A good comb, it is definitely better sharpened and a little more teeth than analogs, but there is also a minus, in feeling, not such a dense plastic that holds the comb, over time it seems to me that it will burst or a crack from a simple blow will easily go...

Zachery Stiedemann

It is wonderful, I have never managed to remove so much hair from my cat with other brushes, I recommend it

Jayson Abshire

Juge classed scratching, bought for a cat, that one for vuzhcha. At most trimati in the hands, Garno Vici pidshorstok

Jennie Tremblay

Great scratcher. While the Barsik was busy eating several times on the back. The result in the photo. Without food does not allow to comb out.

Sister Toy

A good thing, but it can't cope with strong and old pellets, it can get stuck, but it doesn't cut too much. And in general, the wool cuts well.